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Our Services

Media Management Group for Literacy and Development provides the following services –

1. Undertake baseline surveys, mid-line surveys and assessment studies in the field of Health & welfare, Education, Information and technology, Environment & Climate Change, Water Conservation and Management, Media & Communication, Disaster Risk mitigation, Responsible Business, Sustainable Development and other thematic areas of the organization.
2. Research Projects in various thematic areas of the organization. The researchers from the concerned field are being associated on Project basis to provide the best outcomes.
3. Provide Consultancy to the corporates for developing, implementing and monitoring the social development Policies, Projects and Strategies.
4. Forging Partnerships with government and non-government organizations to undertake projects for the awareness and benefits of the society.
5. Develop and Implement the projects for corporates in accordance to their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
6. Conduct Monitoring and Evaluation Study of the CSR Projects implemented by the corporates.
7. Assist and Collaborate with international organisations for implementation of development projects.