Welcome To MMGLD


MMGLD is a society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 on January 27, 2000 to assist sustainable development covering education, health, agriculture, business and enterprise, financial empowerment, heritage and culture, mining, renewable resources and climate change and environment. MMGLD promotes the sustainable development goals and works towards the same.
The thematic areas of work as specified in Memorandum of Association of the society are as follows –

Our Thematic Areas

Media and CommunicationEducation and literacyHealth and Family WelfareWomen Empowerment
Child Care and DevelopmentPromotion of Sports Culture and HeritageResponsible Business and Enterprises
Financial EmpowermentAgriculture & HorticultureMining and Power SectorTourism & Hospitality
Environment; Forest & Climate ChangeScience and TechnologySustainable DevelopmentWater Conservation and Management

During its journey, MMGLD has implemented various projects on capacity development of national and regional journalists relating to HIV/AIDS (national); spreading awareness against drugs in schools of the north east India (regional); field research on low income generation in the youth of the north-east (regional), public utility of secondary schools (national); and capacity development of NGOs working the field of women and child development (regional). The projects were implemented in collaboration with Ministries and Institutions of Government of India, UN, EU and a few reputed International organizations.

MMGLD towards Responsible Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

The non-profit organization resolves to work towards and assist initiatives under the over-arching nine principles of Business Responsibility, as enshrined in the National Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic responsibilities of Business (2019).

Corporates and businesses are one of the major stakeholders of utilizing the natural resources and affect the society as a whole and therefore are accountable to the society. Many corporates had already initiated the process of giving back to the society through philanthropy, donations and development activities many years ago. However, the Government has also recognized this responsibility of the corporates towards the society and introduced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility under Companies Act, 2013.

The CSR law is to bridge the gap between the corporates and the society and to ensure that the corporates contribute towards development of society through safe and judicious use of natural resources. Accordingly, MMGLD is open to collaborating working with like-minded organizations towards designing, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects in accordance with the CSR law.